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RHS Advisors Services
Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management
We provide a complete range of services to support the pharmaceutical licensing process including asset searches, evaluation and diligence, sales forecasts, P&L development, discounted cash-flow analyses, deal-term development/modeling and competitive landscape assessments/SWOT analyses. 
RHS Advisors can provide a variety of services including:
Many companies fall victim to attempting to do too much with too little.  We can objectively evaluate your portfolio and determine where best to focus your resources NOW, and provide "trigger points" and a T&E for the development of the remaining assets.  Additionally, we can provide operational guidance on growing your start-up into a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company
Competitive Intelligence
Positioning your asset is all about leverging the attributes that will differentiate it from the competition.  To facilitate this process we will gather information on competitive products, conduct a SWOT analysis to identify leverage points, and provide a plan that guides investment.
Need funding to advance your platform or pipeline? We can help arrange a variety of financing mechanisms ranging from Angel investments all the way to public offerings and private placements.
Additional Drug Development Services
In addition to the services listed above, we can also represent your firm in the capacity of an expert witness, facilitate clinical trial start-up and Key-Opinion-Leader/advocacy development.
Investment Research
We work with hedge funds and other investment professionals providing research enabled by a deep understanding of drug development, the oncology market, and expertise interpreting preclinical and clinical data. .
Pharmaceutical Licensing Support
Our team has years of big pharma experience that can be applied to support/optimize your drug development program. We can also help you development a licensing package that will have attract the interest of potential partners
Drug Development Support
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